Welcome for Green Party vote on Corrib

February 26, 2007 at 12:42 pm | Posted in Statements | Leave a comment

I welcome the unanimous vote at the Green Party conference that the Greens in government would not sign a pipeline consent for the Corrib gas project until a full, independent review has been conducted into the project. The Green Party are to be congratulated for demonstrating political leadership on this issue and for recognising that the Corrib project requires a fundamental evaluation so that the safest development concept is employed and that maximum benefits accrue locally and nationally from this natural resource.


The Corrib gas conflict has been allowed to continue for far too long. It has caused division and deep distress for many people in the small communities directly affected by the project. This must end. Political management has been absent from the outset. This too must end. It is not good enough that the Tanaiste can hail the apparent suspension of the proposed incinerator for Poolbeg as ‘a victory for local democracy’ yet fail to recognise similar rights for the people of North Mayo.


The only way forward is through a political solution that recognises the rights of communities to participate meaningfully in decisions which directly affect their health, safety, environment and quality of life. The refusal to accept that important principle is at the heart of the present conflict.



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