A Solution must be Found – Joint Statement with Dr Jerry Cowley

April 13, 2007 at 10:09 am | Posted in Statements | Leave a comment

On the eve of the EPA’s oral hearing into the pollution control licence for the Bellanaboy gas refinery, we wish to renew our calls for a comprehensive, independent review of the Corrib gas project.


While we welcome the opportunity of the EPA hearing to enquire into aspects of the project, the oral hearing does not offer the possibility for a full assessment of the development concept under which Corrib is being developed. No such overall review has yet occurred. Therefore, the opportunity for real public participation in shaping how this project is to be progressed with consent and agreement has been and will, unfortunately, remain missing.


In our previous statements of February 12, March 12 and March 27 we have called for the establishment of an Independent Commission to determine the best development model for Corrib guided by the twin criteria of best available technology and community agreement. This should be conducted by an outside, independent and agreed person or persons. It may be that the European Parliament Petition’s committee may have some role to play in this.


Ours is the only proposal for a solution on the table and has the support of all the parties in opposition except Fine Gael. Those who wish to resolve the conflict over Corrib should examine this proposal. We reiterate that an agreed solution is possible but requires leadership and goodwill from all.


Dr Jerry Cowley

Dr Mark Garavan


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