Support for Dr Jerry Cowley

May 18, 2007 at 11:26 am | Posted in Statements | 3 Comments

As a candidate for Seanad Eireann, I wish to publicly pledge my personal support to Dr Jerry Cowley in the forthcoming general election. 

Mayo needs, and has benefited from, a genuinely independent voice in Dail Eireann. This is essential in order to pursue local and national issues irrespective of political party or prevailing political fashion. I believe Jerry Cowley has shown courage and conviction on many issues over the last few years, particularly regarding health, social care provision and community development. On the Corrib gas question he has involved himself directly in an issue that has been contentious and difficult. The easier option would have been to have withdrawn and confined himself to banal platitudes from a distance. Instead, he has attempted to perform his representative duty and has sought to resolve the problem. 

I hope that the voters of Mayo will recognise these qualities of commitment and leadership and give their support to Jerry Cowley.     



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  2. didnt work mark, people of mayo too smart

  3. I am saddened that Jerry Cowley wasn’t returned to Dail Eireann by the people of Mayo. I am well aware of his tireless work on behalf of the old, the sick, returning immigrants, the Rossport issue and others. Mayo will be a poorer place in more than one sense without his voice. Sometimes people make strange choices.

    Best of luck for the future Jerry and thanks.

    Michael Jennings,
    Westport and Dublin.

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