Welcome for EU Petitions Committee discussion on the Corrib gas project

June 28, 2007 at 9:50 am | Posted in Statements | Leave a comment

I welcome the fact-finding visit of the EU Petitions Committee to Ireland. At a meeting with the Committee in Galway last night I discussed my petition on the Corrib Gas project (Petition 204/2007). I was delighted to receive firm assurances that the matter was being treated with urgency and that communication had already occurred on the issue between the Committee’s secretariat and the European Commission. It was emphasised that the Committee would have visited North Mayo but for logistical and time constraints. 

As an example of the extent to which the Corrib gas project is in breach of European law I raised the impossibility of an appropriate Environmental Impact Assessment having been carried out as required by the EU Directive. This is because the pipeline route for the project is, as yet, unknown. Therefore, the environmental effects of the pipeline, both in its own right, and as part of the total development, cannot be known even though other components of the project are proceeding. The pipeline route may be through bog or through water, each of which has a different impact. This is a clear instance of ‘project-splitting’ and has ensured, as a matter of simple logic, that no full environmental impact assessment of the Corrib gas development as a totality has been possible.  

I am satisfied following last night’s meeting that the Committee fully understands the gravity and urgency of these issues and I look forward to their ongoing involvement in the matter.  


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