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I want to record my sincere thanks to all of those who supported my campaign for Seanad Eireann. As a first-time candidate who entered the race in February and with no political party or trade union machine behind me, I am delighted and honoured to have received almost one thousand first preference votes. I want in particular to publicly thank those who allowed their name be used as endorsers of my campaign – Kathy Sinnot MEP, Joe Murray of AFRI, Richard Douthwaite of FEASTA, Lelia Doolan, Dr Jerry Cowley, Davie Philip of the Cultivate Centre, Fr Peter McVerry, Dr Nollaig O Muirile and Donncha O’Connell. 

I ran in order to raise issues that I believe to be of critical importance. These particularly involve the quality of our democracy and our need to reform our economy in the light of peak oil and climate change. We urgently need to bring about a society that is socially and environmentally sustainable.  

I am also deeply concerned about the Corrib gas conflict. This issue should have been resolved years ago and has been allowed to continue because of an appalling lack of political leadership and courage. The people of North Mayo deserve better and I will continue to do all I can to support them. 

Finally, I hope that this NUI Seanad election will be the last one where graduates from all other third level institutions are excluded from voting. The refusal to implement the constitutional amendment expanding the university electorate is symptomatic of our democratic deficit. I look forward to the day when my own students can vote in the same way as students from certain selected universities.


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