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We feel powerless and marginalised within the present system. Claiming our future is about restoring hope, purpose and resources to ourselves. The solution to problems lies with those experiencing them.

We need:


H – harvest our own food.

Growing co-operatives builds resilience, nourishment, meaningful activity and community participation by all.

O – openness to new ideas and new ways of being in community.

Openness takes us away from the tired and redundant formulas, ideologies and assumptions of the present system. We need to connect to new values and look to new ‘experts’ – ourselves.

P – participation.

Participation means that we meet, talk and agree solutions and new practices. This amounts to a radical re-democratisation process to overcome our present post-democratic paralysis.

E – exchange.

We need to build social bonds and new economic exchanges between us. This would involve community networks such as bulletin boards where services and needs are exchanged. It involves building upon community resources audited locally. It may involve new mechanisms for managing exchanges such as local currencies or trading systems and the development of community investment bonds.

Key generating question              What do we need to ensure a meaningful and resourced life?

Key response                                    What do we have?

Key action                                           Let’s share / exchange our communal resources or even gift them from those with much to those with little.


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